Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, ThetaHealing® THINK WHAT YOU THINK© class 28.-29.09.2019.

ThetaHealing® THINK WHAT YOU THINK© class
Duration: 2 days
This seminar was created by Creator with little help of Tomislav Gunjaca, to help you find out what it is that blocks you from creating positive thoughts, and creating the reality you want.
You will learn how to consciously shift your vibration using ThetaHealing tools and have thoughts that work for you, not against you. Feel empowered and in control of your life, as well as your thoughts.
Thoughts are the connection between our subconsciousness and the reality that surrounds us. Thoughts create our reality. Thoughts manifest into reality.Thoughts become manifest.
All attendees will receive a Practitioners Manual which includes: exercises, comprehensive list of programs, downloads. Exercises are done individually and in pairs.
Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper
For more info please contact:
telephone (11) 99352-4615