HARPOSE© - Harmonization with personal purpose

HARPOSE© – Harmonization with personal purpose

Balancing energy centers of the body (chakras), life energy (chi), the eternal molecules (which we carry from life to life), energy of eyes (windows of the soul) and neural pathways (release thought patterns) in accordance with personal divine timing (personal purpose in this life). The goal is to move through everyday life easier, have sense of calm and relaxation, uprising intuitive centers. To achieve the goal easier, whatever it is.

The process was invented and patented by Tomislav Gunjača, ThetaHealing® “Master” and “Certificate of Science”, the author of licensed ThetaHealing® course “Think What You Think©”, based on years of healing practice and work with clients and students, and based on personal experience.
The process is open to all without any preconditions and prior knowledge.
– It is a meditative process where you instructor leads you to deep relaxation and connection with pure creation energy.
In introduction, it  will be discussed about chakras, kundalini, eternal molecules, eyes energy and Divine Timing.
Each of us has a purpose in this life. Divine timing. Something what your soul decided for this life. Even if you do not know what it is, it is much easier to achieve it if all the important elements are in balance.

It is possible that you do not know your Divine timing, your purpose, because the non-harmonized system is a bit in mess. Each component pulls or puhes in different direction. The goal of HAPERPOSE© process is to achieve the harmony of all main components and thus make it easier to achieve the goal. As in any system, if the individual components of the system works together, it is harmonized, works smoothly.
After intro, the procedure begins with meditation, the meditation is guided by instructor, you harmonize your energy centers (chakras), give power to your kundalini and eternal molecules… And then your instructors main work is: group and idividual harmonization of important personal parameters, in accordance with your personal life purpose – and planet Earth frequency, divine timing and chackras.

You do not need to know anything about this, you can just enjoy.

Price: 60 EUR + hosting

Please send all inquiries to mail thetatomislav@gmail.com with text „HARPOSE“ in the subject line.



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