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One acquaintance dear to me, one of those with whom I went to Theta courses in the beginning, told me how her husband and children at home have been calling her a witch for miles, since she started practicing Theta.
I remembered reading a fantasy book that mentioned witches.
And then it started …
If people who practice healing, helping themselves and others, are witches and wizards, which according to many they are because they can obviously do suff that most people consider impossible, then from my point “witchcraft in behavior” should be deductively like this.
I write in my own name, let others find themselves in that text or not, their will. But I play with the thought that if I am a witch, a wizard, what kind of witch I would be. And I’m going to throw my thoughts on the screen a little bit, just to see how my thoughts work, later.
Everything is equally easy. For most things it takes a little time and effort. But knowing how prone we are to judging and vreate verdicts in our minds, how many of my clients and course attendees tend to do so at the beginning of our socializing because these are the habits of generations and life, the environment and society we live in, I know they feel it is hard to be “good”.
Let’s do it like this.
Remember the last time you blazed someone or something, were angry, thought or said bad words, maybe in affect. And maybe later you were sorry or didn’t understand your reaction. Many think it’s hard to learn how to be calm and polite and compassionate and trustworthy and grateful and considerate and helpful… and be surrounded by the same kind of people.
 If it’s hard to learn how to do something it’s even harder to learn how not to do something. There would be a lot more toads, donkeys and various animals in this world IF I DIDN’T KNOW HOW NOT TO TURN SOMEONE INTO A TOAST FROG, A DONKEY OR ANOTHER ANIMAL. There is good and bad in us, good is often hidden, and bad is often influenced by the environment and circumstances – on the surface. But that often hidden part, a good part of us, is more important. The good, locked in the subconscious.
That’s why I’m always there somewhere, helping people the best I know and it fulfills me when I see that people are better after that. That pleasure is stifled by the witch’s smug giggle. Many believe that some people are stupid and ungrateful like sheeps, I know some are like that but I also know that if they are offered a choice and shown the way, they will change. The most frequently. Not always and not everyone. But even if it’s just one of many, it’s worth the effort. If you are a witch from head to toe, with a pointed hat and a black glittering cape, and you help people, you very quickly discard the hat and cape because you realize that there is really no difference between those people and you, only you are a witch so you know. They do not know.
 When you get rid of some evil from yourself, it is often not gone, duplicate is still there, or something similar is nearby. For now, evil is still an integral part of the world. You cannot attack evil with 100% efficiently. It can always escape. It can lurk and seemingly disappear, as if falling into the ground. But sooner or later it’ll try to find you. You attract it if you allow yourself to. With bad thoughts, resentment and condemnation, blaming… You can’t attack it but if you’re not interesting to it, if you’re not attractive to it, if you don’t even have an F of its frequency it won’t notice you. You won’t attract it.
 If you care about people and love them, even those “stupid and pliable as sheep, vicious, evaporated, dumb with drooling children who don’t listen, frivolous, silly, stinking and neglected, naughty and moving ads for perfumes and brands, fools who act as if everyone else is their servant”… well that’s what I call magic, sorcery and witchcraft. When you see and feel it all, you understand and respect this and them as they are – and yet you don’t give up on them. When you watch over an old man who is leaving this world, when you ease his torment as much as you can, you calm down and release his fear, you see him off. When you allow someone who has been written off from everyone to look at loved ones once more, to say goodbye, and you allow the same to people who cares about him, even when after that those people are angry and don’t understand what they got… When after awake night because someone had a serious car accident and is in surgery and it is not known if he will survive, you go to bed at dawn, and at 8 you someone need you because his wife is giving birth and he is in a panic because he does not know what to do and by the way he has a headache… you get up and help as best you can. And it doesn’t matter to you that many of them will soon forget all that, carried by the currents of life and everyday living. It’s witchcrafting. It is the root and center of witchcraft energy. Magic. Yes, the thing is in the balance of the universe, in people seeing you move things, changing the taste of water, stopping the downpour so that the mother with the children doesn’t get wet… everything that people expect from a witch… But it doesn’t matter to you when they see you and are afraid of you because there is inevitably in people that fear of something they do not understand. And there are always some of those who do not understand much. And you offer them all, and whoever accepts, you help them to understand. It is important for you to know and be able to move things at a distance when needed, clean the water where necessary and allowed, so that the mother with the children does not get wet, and fortunately even if no one knows that you are the reason for man died without fear, in peace, and serenely went to talk to his ancestors. That’s important to you. And you know that with ginger, with a lot of learning and practice, it’s actually easy, with crystals, stars and numbers, with pendulum and mantras – but you also know that it’s the hardest thing work with people, and you don’t give up. You just love it when someone is better, when person also takes a step in that direction, to be better. When you encouraged someone to go and to find the way and in a way to make him feel better even when he doesn’t understand it.
That’s what witches do. That’s how I would be a witch, if I would be a witch.
And although we haven’t heard from each other for a long time, I also believe that my acquaintance from the beginning of the text is still a witch today. And she doesn’t give up, nor do I.
And you? To what extent you are a witch?
Are you the witch of this kind?



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HARPOSE© - Harmonization with personal purpose

HARPOSE© – Harmonization with personal purpose

Balancing energy centers of the body (chakras), life energy (chi), the eternal molecules (which we carry from life to life), energy of eyes (windows of the soul) and neural pathways (release thought patterns) in accordance with personal divine timing (personal purpose in this life). The goal is to move through everyday life easier, have sense of calm and relaxation, uprising intuitive centers. To achieve the goal easier, whatever it is.

The process was invented and patented by Tomislav Gunjača, ThetaHealing® “Master” and “Certificate of Science”, the author of licensed ThetaHealing® course “Think What You Think©”, based on years of healing practice and work with clients and students, and based on personal experience.
The process is open to all without any preconditions and prior knowledge.
– It is a meditative process where you instructor leads you to deep relaxation and connection with pure creation energy.
In introduction, it  will be discussed about chakras, kundalini, eternal molecules, eyes energy and Divine Timing.
Each of us has a purpose in this life. Divine timing. Something what your soul decided for this life. Even if you do not know what it is, it is much easier to achieve it if all the important elements are in balance.

It is possible that you do not know your Divine timing, your purpose, because the non-harmonized system is a bit in mess. Each component pulls or puhes in different direction. The goal of HAPERPOSE© process is to achieve the harmony of all main components and thus make it easier to achieve the goal. As in any system, if the individual components of the system works together, it is harmonized, works smoothly.
After intro, the procedure begins with meditation, the meditation is guided by instructor, you harmonize your energy centers (chakras), give power to your kundalini and eternal molecules… And then your instructors main work is: group and idividual harmonization of important personal parameters, in accordance with your personal life purpose – and planet Earth frequency, divine timing and chackras.

You do not need to know anything about this, you can just enjoy.

Price: 60 EUR + hosting

Please send all inquiries to mail with text „HARPOSE“ in the subject line.



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Prequisite: that you know how to work on yourself, any technique.

This seminar was created to help you find out what it is that blocks you from creating positive thoughts, and creating the reality you want. You will learn how to consciously shift your vibration using tools you know and have thoughts that work for you, not against you. Feel empowered and in control of your life, as well as your thoughts.
Thoughts are the connection between our subconsciousness and the reality that surrounds us. Thoughts create our reality. Thoughts manifest into reality. Thoughts become manifest.
Your thoughts create your reality.
Did you ever catch yourself with catastrophic, rubbish, irrational thoughts?
No? Good for you. Congratulations!
If your answer is YES you are welcome at “THOUGHTS” (reach a state in which there is no need to control thoughts) seminar.

We know that we are creating our reality with/through thoughts. In all the fields of every day life. Family, work, happiness, interpersonal relationships.

But how does it really work? How can you adjust your thoughts that instead of knowingly unwanted, create everything you like and wish, wisely?
One of the goals of the course is to learn how to achieve a state without the need to control your thoughts. How to create the reality you want, effortlessly.
Prerequisites: some some experience in working on yourself, it is desirable that you know how to change programs in your subconscious.
At this course, among other stuff: how to discover what hampers us and blocks us in creating positive thoughts, in creating what we really want. What causes negative thoughts and how to change the consciously unwanted patterns of thought… How the environment tries to program us.
The course lasts for 2 days, from 9:00 to 17:00, with two short breaks and a big break for lunch.
All participants will receive manuals with exercises, test lists, downloads and at the end the certificate. Exercises are individual and in pairs.
The instructor is person who created the course, and be prepared to participate in a lot which is not in the manual.

The virtues as kindness, love, compassion, tenderness … spreading through space, universe, faster than the speed of light. The highest vibration, love and kindness, heal people.
Fears, doubts, uncertainty, resentment, envy, jealousy, unrest, hatred and other low-frequency thoughts do not go out, stays grounded to earth.
You heard a lot about virtues. The ThetaHealing® “Planes of Existance 1” course is, among others things, about the virtues. In order to master some ability you need to adopt and master some virtues. To adopt and master some virtues you need to have certain thoughts, but no low frequency thoughts.
Once you are in state that you have a really high frequency thoughts, you easily step out from your current comfort zone, your zone of security and it spreads, wide. You can easily go forward. your development becomes easy.
Many people are blocked in their development, by their even short periodically low frequency thoughts. Their progress, their development, in achieving and accomplishing goals are blocked. Many people are not aware of their thoughts and power their thoughts have. Do you know and understand what is it – thought?
Spiritually, subconsciously, low frequency thoughts serve us to keep us in the safety zone. In the current state which is well known, even though consciously we are not satisfied with that, with existing situation.
But what when you are ready to progress to expand your comfort zone, understanding, abundance, virtues, skills … but it does not happen?
Imagine being able to keep this incredibly kind, gentle thoughts 2-3 or 5 minutes, constantly. Imagine that you can have high frequency thoughts all the time. That your beautiful thoughts spreads across the universe? That you have all the virtues like permanent and normal state? Can you imagine that?
Everything is possible.
Duration 2 days, from 9am to 5pm (9:00-17:00)
All attendees will receive a PRACTITIONERS MANUAL, exercises, comprehensive list of programs, downloads and certificates. Exercises are individual and in pairs.

Price: 400 USD + deposit

Photo album – first time, Zagreb

Upcoming schedule and registration info:

No scheduled live or online dates for now.

How to organize a course in your city – see LINK

© All rights reserved by Tomislav Gunjača
* Note: The event was created by Tomislav Gunjača and Sanja Gunjača.

THINK WHAT YOU THINK with Tomislav of Croatia in Arlington Heights, IL!!! Thank you Tomislav…I highly recommend this class for all ThetaHealers… It focuses on looking at how and why people create negative thinking and then in depth & correlation to how it plays out into their health, lives, well being, careers, finances, families, relationships and then how to shift these in a moment!!! All th…e exercises are fabulous!!! Tomislav is an authentic teacher! I really enjoyed the Field if Frequencies Exercise…it is definitely something you DO NOT want to miss!!!
Stacy Rush, Certificate of Science, Chicago, Illinois, USA

HI THOMAS, I WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND TO EVERYBODY THE THINK WHAT YOU THINK COURSE… from my personal experience though I’ve been teaching and practice thetahealing since 5 years I found really interesting all the exercises of the course and discover hidden thoughts I never would been able to do without that in depth view of ourselves! Great experience, rich of information and exciting digging work. I wish all Thetahealers will take it as thoughts are fundamental in our life… ! Tomislav you were a great Master, Teacher, Companion. thanks
with Gratitude and Love
Marzia Rinaldi, Italy

An amazing and fun class! So much clearing and letting go invoking our positive thoughts!
Sean Michael Campbell, Idaho, USA

Even after 11 years of ThetaHealing I was surprised how much I cleaned and the things I found, on Think What You Think class.
Steve Parker, Canada

Think WaYou Think – Amazing class!!! Thank you
Panagiotis Monachos, Greece

It was a very stimulating class. Helped me uncover some interesting programs that I was running. Full of innovate approaches. I recommend it highly.
Daniel Samos, USA

This class is eye -opener.
I got my new thinkings and emotions.
I had a fun time.its like a solving a puzzle.
Reiko Marron Samos, Japan

Hi Tomislav,
we thank you for all during the two days. For your hospitality, the knowledge just for the whole program. It’s for us a unforgetable week-end with a never ending use for each persons goal. Let me congratulate you for this work, if it’s allowed to do it as I am a beginner.
Franziska Bader and family, Switzerland

Watch video about Zagreb –

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