“Treatment” is the time that the practitioner (healer) absolutely pays attention to you. The treatment takes 30 min. to 1 hour.

We work live, in our place in Zagreb. It’s also possible to have a tereatment over internet (Skype) or phone line or Viber by prior term agreement.

Appointments – treatment terms can be arranged by phone (Viber, WhatsApp) ++385 (0)95-86 413 09 or email to

Most frequently we work the people. Always aim to discover and eliminate the underlying cause of your condition that you are not satisfied with. Regardless of whether it is a disease, disorder, lack of happiness in love or business, the causes are in our / your subconscious, we have inherited or adopted (created) in this life.

We are also working on animals.

We are working on things (objects, houses, flats, plots …)

Please respect TREATMENT TERMS, if you are unable to arrive on time, please let us know about it as soon as possible. We will give your term to someone who’s in need and can not pay for it..

Treatment duration is 30 min. to max. 1 hour, unless we agree otherwise. In this way, more people can receive help.

To pay session follow this link below

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If you experience any problem, type “” into web browser addres line and chooce currency and numeric value. – Thank you


In all treatments on people we seeking to dismiss (cancel, removes …) the underlying cause of the problematic situation. Diseases and disorders are symptoms … We remove the headache, it generally achieves instant relief but does not solve the cause of headaches (unless the cause is physical trauma – then we are working on the cancellation of trauma). This is what we strive for – the permanent removal of your problems. The causes may be at any level of belief (a basic, genetic, historical level or level of soul), in our personal energy (aura), may be promlem by external causes (toxins, heavy metals, radiation …). It happens that the various commitments, obligations, promises, blessings, curses or embargos are causing problems (could be written, genetically inherited ….). Psychic hooks, susceptibility to attack power (energy vampirism) … all of that and more can cause your problems. Using Theta technique all can be put in order. No firework effects. Calm, relaxed and easy. Immediate confirmation of what we do – by muscle (energy) tests.

DNA activation, the cancellation of aging programs, work on viruses, bacteria, parasites, healing broken hearts, restore the fragments of the soul (integrity), find soul mates, watch your possible future … in short everything that can help you live a healthy and comfortable life, in the well-being – it is possible. Anything is possible.

Contacting ancestors is often needed to solve the problems of living. It happens that the situation remained unresolved (mostly emotionally) and burden living people, block them in every day life. A lot of people feel the need to contact their ancestors not only to solve their current problems. Yes, it is possible to contact the deceased. Easily, without discomfort.

Animals deserve love and support. Work with animals is different than work with people, but equally successful. Sometimes it is necessary to treat the owner. The owners programs, belifes and feelings, partly cause a problem situation in animals, and owners are not aware of.

Inanimate matter also absorbs energy footprints. Feelings, memories, and a variety of applications found in inanimate matter (various items, soil, walls …). The space we often occupy (apartments or houses) carries a variety of energy footprints, and this has an impact on us. Unfortunately, this influence is not always to our benefit. Groundwaters, various radiation (other than the Earth’s magnetic field and space radiation, we also feel the impact of transmission lines, substations, etc.) and various energy intersections have an impact on your body and psyche. Your space can be cleaned of harmful radiation … it is possible to program the walls to block the harmful radiation, installed in it a sense of comfort, love, serenity, relaxation, safety, health ….

We can not know in advance, how much treatment is needed, how long it will take to “cleanse” your house, when your canary, or you will be heald, but we know from experience that the 3 treatments (average) give us the desired result, that for three days we can “clean” the largest residential building, that most of the animals currently shows improvements. But there are no rules, we are all different, our cells do not react the same way. And of course, your free will is important – against you free will Creator will not do anything. If you believe, or at least leave a small possibility that there is something intangible in all of us – and you need or want help, let us know.

CHILDREN – NO CHARGE FOR children treatments, but please be prepared that you as parents maybe (almost always) need to work on YOU to help your child.

Using THETA TECHNIQUE NO ONE CAN NOT CANCEL (uninstall) or install ANY FEELING, BELIEF OR PROGRAM IF YOU do not express verbal consent for each change your healer works on you. FOR WORK ON ANY SPACE AND/OR THINGS (apartment, house, land, bad, chair…) consent from the owner is required.

Treatment price is per hour max (30 min to max 1 hour). ThetaHealing practitioners have a discount. There are treatments with minimal exchange of energy (free) when necessary.

All of that – ThetaHealing – you can learn. Everyone can learn …