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Thank God (& Akemi-san!) for recommending to me this amazing elective called ‎ThinkWhatYouThink, by Tomislav-san from Zagreb, Croatia. This class was hardcore, that it triggered SO MUCH my worst fears, but it helped me transcend them! It also helped me become more centered, patient, & gentle with the people I’m working on (surprise, surprise!) & because of this class, I’m so much ready to teach ThetaHealing back in MNL (& maybe even here, if necessary!) This class gave me SO MUCH answers & space to address my own deep-seated issues that I never really got to face because I’d be more busy working on others & making sure they’re okay. But this class really sealed the deal: that it’s Daijoubu for me to take care of Me + my own needs, & that my feelings & thoughts, no matter how low-vibration they might be, are mine & still very much valid. Whatever does not serve me is now more easily changed for my highest & best! It’s finally awesome to achieve the impossibl. The power of the human mind is more phenomenal than what we can fathom, honestly, so it’s amazing when we finally can see how far we can really go down that proverbial rabbit hole. Thank you so much, Sensei, & arigato gozaimasu again to Aya-san & Popo-san for hosting this class here, & to Kenichi-san for patiently translating sessions for me, as well as gently guiding me through my past-life regressing episodes! & of course, everybody else in this group picture who have shared their love & energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Don’t ever miss this chance of taking this powerful elective, especially while you’re starting out as a ThetaHealing practitioner. This class must be held in Manila very soon! Happy to represent quirk here! Bless you, minna-san!
Oyasumi Nasai, Pilipinas
Amazing seminar. I feel so blessed to have attended it. Should be a …prerequisite, cause thoughts are powerful and learnig and understanding how to deal with them helps practising theta healing more efficiently. Thank you Tomislav.
Nansy Martizou, Athens, Greece

THINK WHAT YOU THINK with Tomislav of Croatia in Arlington Heights, IL!!! Thank you Tomislav…I highly recommend this class for all ThetaHealers… It focuses on looking at how and why people create negative thinking and then in depth & correlation to how it plays out into their health, lives, well being, careers, finances, families, relationships and then how to shift these in a moment!!! All the exercises are fabulous!!! Tomislav is an authentic teacher! I really enjoyed the Field if Frequencies Exercise…it is definitely something you DO NOT want to miss!!!
Stacy Rush, Certificate of Science, Chicago, Illinois, USA

HI THOMAS, I WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND TO EVERYBODY THE THINK WHAT YOU THINK COURSE… from my personal experience though I’ve been teaching and practice thetahealing since 5 years I found really interesting all the exercises of the course and discover hidden thoughts I never would been able to do without that in depth view of ourselves! Great experience, rich of information and exciting digging work. I wish all Thetahealers will take it as thoughts are fundamental in our life… ! Tomislav you were a great Master, Teacher, Companion. thanks
with Gratitude and Love
Marzia Rinaldi, Italy

An amazing and fun class! So much clearing and letting go invoking our positive thoughts!
Sean Michael Campbell, Idaho, USA

Even after 11 years of ThetaHealing I was surprised how much I cleaned and the things I found, on Think What You Think class.
Steve Parker, Canada

Think What You Think – Amazing class!!! Thank you
Panagiotis Monachos, Greece

The course “Think What You Think” as I see it, it about things that we all kinda know but often forget. Such a systematic insight into the awareness and control of my own thoughts and their impact on daily life caused me to rethink and corrects the way I think. Once I confirmed that, control over my life is entirely in my hands (thoughts). In addition, as each course with Tomislav, is endlessly entertaining. 🙂
“Think What You Think” is definitely a useful course especially in a world where we are surrounded by deifferent negative thoughts. Some will confirm and systematize their view of the world, and some probably will change their lifes.
Ivan Duricic, Croatia

It was a very stimulating class. Think What You Think. Helped me uncover some interesting programs that I was running. Full of innovate approaches. I recommend it highly.
Daniel Samos, USA

Class Think What You Think is eye -opener.
I got my new thinkings and emotions.
I had a fun time. Its like a solving a puzzle.
Reiko Marron Samos, Japan

Hi Tomislav,
we thank  you for all during the two days Think What You Think class. For your hospitality, the knowledge just for  the whole program. It’s for us a unforgetable week-end with a never ending use for each persons goal. Let me congratulate  you for this work, if it’s allowed to do it  as  I am a  beginner.
Franziska Bader and family, Switzerland

What a nice day! Designed for thanksgiving! That’s why I want to share my satisfaction with you , since I was on the THETA HEALING treatment with Tomislav Gunjača so much has changed. It’s hard to write and describe everything … I want to tell you, but you know that feeling when you feel something suffocating and contracts in a nutshell every day, and when you are every day more and more bent and somehow sneak in yourself, and there is crowd of trivial problems contracts you more and more and you are bond… and then someone cut the cables and ropes. VAUUUUUUU!! And finally you can breathe deeply and freely with no pressure, everything is simpler, you are happier… I was released from slavery of my own nonsense, confident, purified, so I’m happy. And that’s why I constantly share all links to Theta Healing on facebook, because it’s really what we all need!!

Milena Žganjer, Zagreb, Hrvatska

About “How to control your thoughts” – I found that we always have so many beliefs to clear that can appear to be obvious, but you have to keep digging! It was a great opportunity for me to start giving my thoughts more attention and to clear fears and blocks about growing as individuals. Loved it, and would definitively recommend anyone to take the time for this class. We are the only thing between our true happiness and our personal development, so lets take control of our thoughts!

Samantha Lohmann, Mexico City, Mexicotestimonies

“Working with Tomislav was such a great experience. He is a caring, gentle intuitive and a great healer. When I received a session from him, we got to the point easily and effortlessly. After he changed my issues around a certain topic, I was able to make some very significant realisations about how I created those patterns in my life, what we worked on. I feel much more balanced, harmonised and most importantly happy! Thank you, Tomislav!”

Szilvia Nagy, Budapesttestimonies

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tomislav at the Thetahealing practitioners workshop in Las Vegas. Although I have been a healer and teacher guiding people for the past 20 years, I had my own personal problems which I was unable to resolve. I was looking for guidance and I firmly believe that its the Creator’s design that we sat together for a reading. It was an amazing experience for me. Mr. Tomislav truly guided me, bringing clarity for me and brought me closure by guiding me through my next steps. Thank you so much!

Lots of Love and Blessings,

Anandi Nagarajan, India

Tomislav is a Theta healer who is connected to Creator in a very profound and clear way. I found his approach is easy and I liked his gentleness & clarity. I would highly recommend a session with him. The insights he shared are very helpful.

Shelina Manji, Basic & Advanced Thetahealing Instructor, Vancouver, Canada

In the moments when I fully believed in the suffering and pain of watching your child how the second day in a row continuously vomiting, I felt a complete inability to help him anyway – all I knew was that we need help … and we got it.
Tom has managed to find and see the love in me and my child and that love re-connect us. Love us healed. The love we have received through generous ACT TOMISLAVOVA ASSISTANCE AND PRESENCE and the love we once again found himself in and among themselves.
After the treatment my child is no longer vomiting, but he slept, slept and slept …………… until he wished to play again.

Ivančica Valek Gunjača, CRO

Theta practitioner alone, but when it comes to my family then I am a wife, mother … While I do to others and themselves very successful when it comes to my child often can not see from where to start. So last summer I had a situation in which I knew to get out. My son’s behavior has become socially unacceptable and we were forced to send him to the hospital. One is work on yourself and consciously change the patterns of behavior that do not want to, and quite different when you pubertetliju who do not want to cooperate. I looked for help Tomislav. He was there when we needed it most. Without many words. He took part in treatment in the agreed time and a miracle happened. The other day when the son came out of the hospital was different, that old son, who communicated with us, was close to us. Gone was the aggression, villainy. I saw that I was my child after one year zagrlilo.I now after a month is still all right. Tomislav thank for their support on what was there when I needed it and I came back my child.

Dijana Lacković, Zagreb

Tomislav, after 3 days we spent with you on the basic course, everything began to happen.

So here’s to describe a bit it all together, as honestly:

The first day – although I had puuuuno information on Theta, I was somewhat skeptical – the first encounter was probably all like that. The first impression in the first hour or two: Come on, do not let me eat – kaj kak and now he closed his eyes, bit his move, and come with an answer to the question. And then he found the man around the house in Istria, and tells him some things that you see … garden, now the front of the house in the shadows … Come on, have our addresses, phones, Google Earth sees all, is not a problem.

And then, as the course progresses, you begin to wonder if this is all so close and within reach, is it really such a powerful thing, how is it that we all forgot to re-learn to use all !!!??? Now we are already leaving and disbelief I feel like a kid in elementary school, which is joy to learn something new and different (if you can remember this feeling and excitement?) – Of course, is not easy because we all have to get rid of the old weight, beliefs, programs and anything else that binds us.

And then follow the fascinating things that we experience during the course. I believe they were all more experienced, so I will not enumerate them now. But sometimes they tell their friends who look strange to me then! :-)))

I believe that a nice word opens (almost) all the doors – to speak to their children and have learned to use it, because there are, fortunately, a lot of people who will help you if you just begged.

Here are a few cases experienced after the course:
I go to the store where I bought a halogen lamp for the bathroom. In this store I have bought bulbs for the same.
Outside the hot, humid, store in a little better, but all nabrijani and nervous. Showing seller cardboard packaging of the old bulb and he tells me that they do not, that is a factory that produces them went bankrupt and was bought by another company, so it will take some time until he began to produce the same program. Through my head, but the film goes – to choose a new wall lamp, again drilling expensive tile that I set, I have to buy batteries for the flashlight in the bathroom because it was dark when I do it all … Jooooj, crap, and I came home to rest …. A salesman told me – wait a bit, sir, opens a drawer and says they have nekekav surplus that must be addressed and removed two small boxes in which the light bulb as we should, puts them on the counter and tells me “Please.” I wonder how much they cost, and he says nothing, just to take them. I wonder can I treat them beer, juice, whatever … (Price and 2 lamp is approx. 50 kN). I do not want anything. Many thanks and leave.

Parked up, and right in front of a store selling Victorinox pocket knives and accessories as well as the Maglite flashlights of various sizes and which I also own a few. Go in, I wonder if sales of spare parts for lamps – the girl says no, but we can provide wholesale phone number so that there wonder. I ask and address with phone number, so if you have, so now I’m going to buy it (the rubber protector switch coin of 1 EUR). I look at the address and tell me that it is in the neighborhood and that way I will stop there on the way home. A girl asked me which part I need – I say to that piece of rubber that I ask for 2 years, and she opened the cash register, and take out exactly that part and says “Please sir.” Many thanks and ask for the price – nothing, he says, that’s okay …. Offering coffee, juice, chocolate … does not want to be up.

After that terrible wind, which is almost 2 days raged in Zagreb, I’m leaving this afternoon with his best friend to the cemetery Mirogoj. He’s recently deceased brother, and together we visit our dead. Classical – flowers and candles at the entrance and go. Cemetery in chaos – all scattered, candles, flowers and bouquets, garbage everywhere.

I pick up trash around the graves, light the candles and started to pray for all the dead in their family. Descends deep down into the Earth, the energy passes through me … ma you know how it goes and we all do …… When I came up, I said to myself, now I know where you are and how you all very much.
At that moment I began to flow through something, such pleasure, such charm, warmth, these feelings that you do not know the words to describe … I have not yet been experienced anything similar not so strong and intense. How long it lasted, I do not know, but I wanted to take another … Interrupted when a friend asked me if I am good and why is smiling and crying. I did not cry, tears were themselves launched a osmjehivao I was probably the feeling of comfort.

So much of me, for now,

Hello, peace and blessings to all.

Robert Jakuš, Zagreb

Dear Tomi,
I just feel you need to once again warmly thank the wonderful company and beautiful methods that have instructed me. I am aware that there is nothing to stop me and rejoices continue learning and practicing that in front of me. Tonight, I feel such a beautiful wave of energy that can move the hill, as I have rarely felt in my life. So you just have to say THANK YOU !!!!! Until we meet again, you and Sanji, my greetings.

Hm … so, when I met Tomislav, I still had no idea kaj is energy medicine. Around me were just walking nice girl. :))
But even then I felt what it was his spiritual power, because even though we look a little different, Thomas actually knows and understands the story. Strangely, however, that he and I understand and I would not even understand myself.
Therefore, it is entirely logical sequence of events confirmed its uniqueness and what yesterday looked like a fantasy, is now a reality. Friendship with Tomislav changed my life.
Much in the spirit, noble in heart, with the power of love that heals and soothes the heat that is ready to help and put a stone on the right side of the scales to balance again was perfect.
Thank you, old fellow kaj’re here when we need them most and I thank you that you are.

Tihomir Vuković, 43, Zagreb

On several occasions, Tomislav me remotely trenuno eliminate the pain, immediately after the injury. Me several times after the phone call filled with energy and strength when I was exhausted and collapsed. Exactly where I was told is worth an envelope that I misplaced …

Mary Hepp, 67, Nin

I am grateful that the Creator has sent me to a person such as Tomislav Gunjače. He and his wife Sanja radiate a beautiful warm energy that is slowly and surely Russians barriers that I’ve set on the spiritual path. Fears that were my daily life are completely gone after only two treatments.
The problem with acne was reduced by 80%.
The first time I experienced the fullness of the Creator’s love.
Thanks Tomislav, for all he has done for me.
We go on through life, lighter, more relaxed and happier.

Iva Janušić, 30, Zagreb

Tomislav has repeatedly thetahealing therapy currently eliminate pain in the legs of my four daughters. I contacted him by telephone. His treatments were also significantly and very quickly remove the symptoms of various diseases with her as with me. Tom has a great theta healer who will gladly recommend it to friends.

Rogić Maja 40, Zagreb

For a long time I had a problem with insomnia. I could not sleep, and when would it failed, I would wake up tired and worn out. This problem is Tomislav solved in just one treatment, and taught me that if I pay attention to the new situation which prevented me to sleep. Since then I wake up rested. Freed this problem better and live better I feel.

Bozidar Blazevic, Zagreb, 37

Moja 10-godišnja kćer ima problema sa skoliozom i neproporcionalnim rastom kralježnice. U nekoliko tretmana Tomislav je u znatnoj mjeri uspio riješiti taj problem i nalazi su mnogo bolji. Nastavit ćemo s tretmanima i dalje, između ostalog i zbog toga što Tomislav ima izvrstan pristup djeci i moja kćer voli odlaziti na tretmane i zbog njenog subjektivnog osjećaja i doživljavanja energije iscjeljenja.
Hvala Tomislavu.

Božidar Blažević, Zagreb, 37

Theta iscjeljivanje je zaista magičan lijek.
Moje iskustvo s Theta tretmanom: Imala sam upalu limfnog čvora na lijevoj preponi koja je rezultirala oteklinom veličine oraha i nakon jedne Theta terapije na daljinu, taj čvor se zaista povukao. NEVJEROJATNO!
Također sam osjećala bolove i pritisak u gornjem dijelu leđa zbog nezgodnog položaja tijela, koji su nakon tretmana na daljinu STVARNO nestali. Obnovljena mi je energija tijela i osjećam se revitalizirano.
Hvala Tomislavu što me počastio novom metodom liječenja.

Sonja Zelić-Smičiklas, 35, Zagreb

After a routine gynecological examination was sent urgently to the extraction of blood markers with suspicion the growth of abnormal tissue on the left ovary. After 2 phone treatment, I went to the extraction of blood. Located markers were normal, and attribute these results very pleasant treatment that Mr. Tomislav spent. I recommend everyone Theta healing treatments carried out by Mr Tomislav. Thank you.

Zorica Blazevic, 60, Zagreb