My first encounter with the alternative was in 1980. In my hands came sinker that worked perfectly ...


Theta Healing

Holistic, complementary treatments have appeared in ancient times, when there was a need … Recognized by the World Health Organization in 1976. Holistic treatment means that the therapist treat the whole person, not just a symptom, current illness, condition or disorder.

Theta Healing was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995. Anyone with faith in a higher powers can be a practitioner. Anyone with faith in a higher power (the one who created all that exists / what created all that exists) can be a practitioner or the client (user or healer) of Theta healing process. Regardless of geographic location, origin, religion, race, biological age … It is a process of spiritual, physical and emotional healing …

Theta is the name that scientists have given to brain waves of low frequency (4-7 Hz), in which the brain is during deep meditation. These waves govern our behavior, attitudes and beliefs.

  • Gamma 40 – 5000 Hz……………………… the moments of healing brain switches between 4-5000 Hz, without intermediate stages
  • 28-40 Hz – High beta wave state ……….stressful situation
  • Beta waves  14-28 Hz……………………………..complete alertness, state of full concentration
  • Alfa waves – 7-14 Hz……………………………….complete relaxation, before sleep, meditation
  • THETA waves  4-7 Hz……………………………REM sleep, dreaming
  • Delta waves – 0-4 Hz…………………………….dreamless sleep, deep sleep

It is a condition in which yoga masters and holy men perform miracles and manifest objects. In theta state we can communicate and cooperate with the Highest Self, God, Allah, great-atom, the Creator of all that exists, the energy that created everything – whatever you call it acceptable, and change the current reality, whether it is physical, spiritual, emotional healing or manifestation of the events in our life. The technique is simple, everyone can learn. Is not based on any religion. All that is necessary is to accept that there is a higher intelligence with which we cocreate to enhance our quality of life and the people who need it.

Theta Healing addresses the underlying causes of diseases and disorders. Thus solves the symptoms. Causes are found in your subconscious mind, which consists of your genetic heritage, the experience gained through life, beliefs, traumas, promises, collective consciousness … The treatment reveals blockages and restrictions, negative emotions and beliefs, negative energy and everything that hinders and restricts the spiritual and physical development and health. With your consent we currently change / remove / modify everything that does not serve your well-being.

ThetaHealingMost people carry a variety of blockades that impede and restrict them. These blockades can be dated back to the fetal period (embrio) (taken from the mother or father – genetic or historical). A common cause of problems are unresolved issues in the family or with other people. Basically, there are programs, negative feelings or beliefs. Changing or canceling these programs, feelings or beliefs feel current changes and your existence completely changed for the better. For your benefit. There will be no difficulty in relationships with other people, you realize that the Creator has nothing against your health, pleasure, success in all aspects of life. We can create the conditions and situations we want – create your life, your reality. The effect of these changes is often the disappearance of diseases and disorders.

With Theta technique people are cured of the many physical and mental diseases and disorders.

Theta healing regulates chemicals and hormones in the body. Changing the program works and the genetic level in the morphogenic field around the DNA. Substituting (“repairing”) damage to physical DNA heal genetic diseases.

Every day our body collects harmful radiation, heavy metals and various toxins. Theta technique can successfully clean everything that does not serve our best. Activation of DNA increases immunity and enhances our intuitive abilities. This is a procedure in which the trigger “sleeping” parts of the DNA. In fact, until in 2000. The scientists are part of our DNA called “junk” – DNA (trash) because they did not know its function.

My choice is to work with love and joy.
Tomislav Gunjača, practitioner and instructor of Theta Healing